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About Us

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Here at Exotic Tattoos ,we strive to provide excellent service in a very clean ,friendly and professional environment. Let our staff provide you with all your body art needs,whether it be tattooing, piercing, and decorative body jewlry.

Our Mission Statement
Here at Exotic Tattoos we do things a little differently from other tattoo & piercing facilities. Our entire staff is like one big happy family. We are all Certified by the Calhoun County Health Department for Blood Borne Pathogens. To the consumer this means that we are trained in dealing with blood and other body fluids. We were the first tattoo & piercing parlor in Calhoun County to be certified, and we are quite proud of this fact. Anyone considering body art or modification should check all documnetation, licenses and files of any facility before beginning a tattoo or piercing. There are a lot of dangers out there and we just want all of those considering body art to be aware of the possible risks involved, but at Exotic we are fully prepared and educated in handling all the risks involved. At Exotic we tattoo and pierce based in a medical mind set, which means you are not going to hurt our feelings when you come in and say Oh My God this looks just like my doctor's or dentist office. Nothing makes us more proud because that means we have accomplished what we have set out to do. Tatttoos & piercings are an invasive procedure and should be treated as such. Thanks so much for your interest in our facility. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to call or e-mail us and we will be happy to asnswer as best we can. If we are unable to provide the service that you require we will be happy to direct you to the proper facility. Thanks again Lisa B.
Our Facility
We have recently undergone some expansion. We are greatful for the patience that all of our loyal clients have shown during this growth period. We would like to thank all those involved with the construction process. We have added 2 new tattoo booths for complete privacy. And have the largest piercing room in the area. We have 3 jewelry cases with decorative body jewelry and complete line of large gauges for the stretching enthusiast. We offer a full line of piercing jewelry so you don't have to hear come back next week when we get in a jewelry shipments. We stock all gauges and sizes. Come and see us for all your piercing needs.

Our Associates
At Exotic our associates are well trained and certified porfessionals. Lisa Brunton is the owner of this wonderful facility. She actively participates in all aspects of the business. She will be happy to give tours of the facility just call and ask. Dean Brunton is the lead tattoo artist and is one of our Piercer's. He has been in the business for about 4 years now and is completely trustworthy and he is also the shop manager.