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Lisa Goodwin Owner

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Hi my name is Lisa Goodwin and I would like to introduce you to Jacksonville's first Tattoo Parlor, Exotic Tattoos & Body Piercings.  We recommend that anyone considering a new tattoo or piercing explore and inspect our competition.  We are confident that you will choose us for all of your body art needs.  We offer a safe and clean environment that is unmatched in this area!  Our associates are trained and certified professionals that care about our clients and continually strive to provide the best service at a fair and competitive prices.  We also now carry an extensive array of decorative body jewelry.  So when you think of body art think Exotic.  Located 1 mile south of the square in Jacksonville next to Ace Hardware.

Feel free to comment on anything you like/dislike.Also feel free to let us know if there are any products you'd like to see us offer here at Exotic.
click on the link below to email us:

Or give us a call at (256)782-3319

Exotic Tattoos and  Body Piercings